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27/03/2021: 2021 - This Is Gonna Be My Year

Classes will rehearse stand alone scenes into song that can be performed independently to other classes in case we are unable to accomodate large audiences at the end of term.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations after the first week of classes will incur no charge. Cancellations after the second week of classes will incur a $33.50 administration charge. Cancellations after the third week of classes will incur 100% of the fee. In extenuating circumstances MAD Squad may choose to provide a partial refund or roll over the credit to the following term.

Media Policy

I understand that my child may be captured in photos and video footage at M.A.D. Squad events this calendar year and have no objections to this. I agree that photos and footage taken at M.A.D Squad events can be used by M.A.D Squad for promotional purposes including but not limited to newsletters, website and flyers.

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